Are you after a unique gift? Then why not print your photos on canvas! Click the image below to upload your photo for free!


...because photos on canvas is currently in vogue. Its perfect for anyone who has a great passion for art and wants to display something unique on their walls. Putting your photo on canvas is the best way to do this at an affordable price. Photo to canvas can also be used for various promotional purposes - in advertisements and trade shows. Also, many amateur and professional photographers are also using canvas printing to make their works of art appear more lively and contemporary. Offering canvas prints as a service can really help to broaden your customer base and get more business in the door.

Professional photos on canvas printers use acid free, bright white cotton canvas. This type of canvas is normally more durable providing a high quality of image and reducing the possibility of cracking when they are stretched. Most canvas prints are created using large format printers which use pigmented ink for printing, such as Epson printers, which show vibrant colors on the canvas with high colour gamut and excellent resolution. The prints can then be stretched by hand using staple guns, secured onto artist stretcher bars. Your photo to canvas can be ordered in various sizes and formats and when printing larger sizes, a stretcher with cross bars is used to prevent the frame from twisting. After the stretched canvas is mounted there are some canvas printing service providers who provide a lamination option to give the photos a semi-gloss finish and / or to provide a waterproof and scratched resistant surface.

Photo on canvas services are used more and more by a large number of amateur and professional photographers, and there are strong reasons behind this. First of all, canvases are more affordable and contemporary than traditional photo paper, and generally they are more robust and durable than framed prints.
Canvas Prints are also less likely to curl over time and wedges can be tapped into the frame to tighten them if they become slack. Traditional painters can create reproductions of their work by putting photos on canvas. Canvas prints are an affordable way to make reproductions of oil and acrylic paintings and allow painters to keep their originals. The canvas used in reproductions produces an artistic quality that is similar to those of oil paintings, especially if it is more textured.

The great thing about photos to canvas is that you can also apply many different finishes to the product. You can either go with white edges on the frame (no wrap) or you can have the image bleed all the way round the frames (wrapped). Some canvas print companies also provide colour match edges or mirror wrap edges editing services, this means you won’t lose any of the main subject matter of the image. Popular effects such as pop art or sepia conversion are also offered. Overall, there is lots of flexibility in how you can create your final image – you should just make sure you have a good file size to send to the canvas printer and you should then receive a unique, vibrant canvas print of your photo!

For long lasting, unique and beautiful pictures, putting your ‘photos on canvas’ is currently in vogue. Canvas prints are a stand out way of displaying images in your home. This type of print is popular among artists, photographers and individuals alike.

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